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A team of creatives, strategists and innovators driven by a passion for crafting winning brand narratives from ordinary ideas.

Our culture has been shaped by our thirst for excellence, attention-to-detail and sustainability which has been instrumental to our success in creating unparalleled experiences for forward-thinking brands like yours.


Established in 2021, Brandor X has been the go-to agency for many brands and businesses, committed to delivering strategic branding services and helping brands scale.


Our mission is to help brands in-fuse elements of creativity, innovation and excellence into developing WINNING brand strategies.

When winning matters and excellence is a priority.


At the core of our belief is a deep seated knack for adding extra to the ordinary and excellence to simple ideas.

This is why we are able to create unparalleled brand strategy and design unique experiences. More importantly, we believe in success. That is why we work closely with our clients and partners to ensure their brands transcend design and aesthetics, producing authentic value that ensures they WIN with their brand.


Collaborative Philosophy

We firmly believe that collaboration is not just a process but a philosophy that drives our success. We place a strong emphasis on communication and transparency throughout every phase of our projects, ensuring a seamless client experience from project inception to completion. Our extensive experience working with high networth individuals, startups has honed our agility, while our collaborations with organizations have refined our project management expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Scalable and Timeless Work

We craft brand experiences and designs that are future-proof and scalable, seamlessly aligning with your enduring business goals and objectives. Our portfolio boasts of numerous projects and products that have not only stood the test of time but have thrived, remaining untouched and relevant over the years.


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